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Histiocytosis Association of America

HAA The Histiocytosis Association of America (HAA) is an international partnership of parents, patients, physicians and friends bound together by their mutual interest in histiocytic disorders. In an effort to compensate for the limited information on the disorders and the small number of individuals and families dealing with them, the Association provides a variety of educational and emotional support programs to its members, as well as other interested parties. In addition, the Association promotes scientific and medical investigation into histiocytic disorders through its research program with the aim of establishing better treatments, a cure, and prevention of the diseases.

Research Program
The objectives of the Research Program are to fund worthy scientific research projects, educate physicians and scientists, encourage and support symposia into histiocytic disorders, directly participate in research projects, and encourage publication of scientific information.

Member Services
These programs include educational brochures, networking directories, regional education meetings, newsletters, toll-free phone number, annual awareness campaign, online virtual community website, physician-linking network, and volunteer coalition.

Fundraising Program
The goal of the Histiocytosis Association's Fundraising Program is to provide resources for the Association's research program, member support programs, administrative and fundraising costs through a cooperative effort of the Board of Trustees and Association staff with assistance from patients, families, physicians and friends of the Association.

HAA Membership
There is no cost to become a member of the Histiocytosis Association of America. Membership is automatic at the time of initial contact and/or original request for information. Members are entered into the Association's database and coded according to his/her relationship with a histiocytosis patient. This coding system insures that members receive all pertinent and appropriate materials.